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Dr. Katherine T. Kelly, Ph.D.,M.S.P.H.

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Working with essential oils has become a labor of love. As a holistic psychologist, my mission goes far beyond helping you heal – instead, I want to help you to evolve. The same is true with Soul Health Essentials, LLC, and my “Oils of Evolution” essential oil line.” Each blend is developed using over thirty years of clinical experience which has provided an in-depth understanding of both the human condition and the soul’s evolution. My commitment is to offer you a variety of products – all made with Integrity, Quality, and Sustainability in mind – that help create your most radiant and optimal life.

Welcome to your Soul Health journey – the journey of evolution!


Soul Health Model™


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I Believe


I have used several Soul Health Essentials oils and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them! The quality is by far the best that I have tried. In fact, there is no comparison to other oils.  I have favorites that include Soulful Slumber, which smells wonderful and works so well to ease you into sleep.  My other favorite is Soul Centered—no matter how I am feeling, this wonderful oil brings me back to center, and as a psychotherapist, I need this often.  I cannot leave out Kick Ass Karma Klear. I use it in both my office and at home.  My advice is to buy the large size of this room spray because it will become your go-to when needing to clear out your space.

Thank you for offering these amazing healing oils!

Cheryl Rubin, MSW, LCSW

I love Dr. Katherine Kelly’s Soul Health Essential Oils. They are powerful, balancing, uplifting, revitalizing, and grounding. I use them daily, usually morning and before bed, I’ve told my daughters about them and have recommended them to a few of my counseling clients. I will continue to share the Soul Health Oils because I believe they are a substitute for prescription mental health medications for some people, an adjunct to medication for others, and a healthy energy boost for everyone!

Janet G Nestor, MA LPC DCEP

I’ve enjoyed growing closer to the “Oils of Evolution,” as they’ve become part of daily my routine. Upon waking I get grounded with Divine Wisdom, as the day progresses Manifesting Magic beckons, and then to help with sleep a few sprays of Soulful Slumber and I’m ready to curl up and drift into sleep. These oil blends are unlike anything I’ve ever used, they smell divine, and to put it simply, they nourish my soul where needed.

Ashley Jobe

I was introduced to Dr. Kelly’s essential oils on her retreat I attended last Fall. I, absolutely, fell in love! I couldn’t wait until they were available to purchase. I have bought several and they have helped me stay on track with my soul health plan! These are very high quality and pure and cause no irritation to your skin. My 2 favorites are Love My Soul and Empath’s Armor! When I inhale Love My Soul, I feel so full of self-love and that I am worthy! And my newest favorite, Empath’s Armor helps me with my boundaries and co-dependency. As a Registered Nurse, I have always struggled with putting others before me and taking on other’s problems! This oil helps me focus and stay on my side of the street! This is a perfect choice for anyone in the helping professions or anyone that struggles with co-dependency! I can’t say enough good things about all these amazing oils and can’t wait to try her new creations as she unveils them in the future! I am hooked for life and start my day first thing by choosing the oil that I need most for the challenges of my day!

Dianna Stack, RN