Shipping Policy

Orders made within the United States

When ordering directly from our website, Soul Health Essentials automatically ships anywhere within the United States. Unless the product order exceeds safe packing standards, the cost will be $7.50 for Priority Shipping through the U.S. Post Office.

International Orders

Soul Health Essentials, LLC ships worldwide. Estimated international shipping time is 7-21 business days from the time the order is paid in full unless you request express shipping, which will result in higher postal fees.

To receive a shipping quote, please send an email message to with a list of the items you would like to purchase. We will acquire exact shipping charges and send you a complete PayPal Invoice. Once paid in full, your package will be shipped within three business days.


The United States Post Office provides tracking numbers which will be emailed to you when you provide a valid email address. We take privacy seriously and will only use your information for orders within our office.