The Branches of Health blends were inspired by the development of the Soul Health Model—a holistic health model that provides the blueprint for both rebalancing the many “branches” of the human condition and enhancing your soul’s ongoing evolution. Several blends are offered to improve different aspects of your health within each branch.

To explore the oils available for each branch, click the link to the corresponding branch:

-Physical (including sleep, muscle tension, and more)
-Psychological (stress, emotional eating, trauma relief)
-Social (loneliness, love, vulnerability)
-Interpersonal (assertiveness, boundaries, connectivity)
-Intellectual/Occupational (memory, focus, clarity)
-Environmental (harmonious surroundings, space clearing)
-Financial (manifestation and stress related to money)
-Sexual (increased intimacy and libido)
-Spiritual (meditation and spiritual development)
-Recreational (joy, fun, and relaxation)

The beauty of working on one branch of the human condition is that improvement in one inevitably improves the others.
See what the Branches of Health blends can do to create overall life balance for you!

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