The Branches of Health blends were inspired by the development of the Soul Health Model—a holistic health model that provides the blueprint for both rebalancing the many “branches” of the human condition and enhancing your soul’s ongoing evolution. Several blends are offered to improve different aspects of your health within each branch.

To explore the oils available for each branch, click the link to the corresponding branch:

-Physical (including sleep, muscle tension, and more)
-Psychological (stress, emotional eating, trauma relief)
-Social (loneliness, love, vulnerability)
-Interpersonal (assertiveness, boundaries, connectivity)
-Intellectual/Occupational (memory, focus, clarity)
-Environmental (harmonious surroundings, space clearing)
-Financial (manifestation and stress related to money)
-Sexual (increased intimacy and libido)
-Spiritual (meditation and spiritual development)
-Recreational (joy, fun, and relaxation)

The beauty of working on one branch of the human condition is that improvement in one inevitably improves the others.
See what the Branches of Health blends can do to create overall life balance for you!

  • Grief Relief Blend

    Most people need to feel soothed and comforted as they heal from loss. Grief Relief elevates both your energy and mood as you navigate the many layers of sorrow that come with losing someone or something that you hold near and dear. We experience many forms of loss throughout life and Grief Relief can assist you as you adjust to any major life event.
    • Soothe
    • Comfort
    • Heal
  • Despair Repair Blend

    Sudden or tragic loss leaves us in shock and disbelief. Despair Repair is specifically designed to assist in healing from grief that has jolted you at the core. Despair Repair will soothe the soul while facilitating healing during your grief process.
    • Nurture
    • Rebalance
    • Resolve
  • Resolution Solution Blend

    Grief can leave us with mixed emotions, especially when the relationship you shared with the one you lost was complicated. Resolution Solution helps you sort out your feelings while resolving and releasing the pain which might hinder your healing process. Unfinished business can delay a healthy grief process. Resolution Solution assists you in making peace with the many tangled challenges of the human condition.
    • Understand
    • Resolve
    • Release
  • Realign & Renew Blend

    Letting go is hard to do, but it is a necessary part of realigning your life after loss. Realign & Renew will allow you to let go, restore, and rebalance your life while boosting both your mood and your energy to get you back on the go. Realign & Renew will get you back to a stronger and better You!
    • Let-Go
    • Restore
    • Rebalance
  • Caregivers often give their all while losing themselves in the process of helping others. This blend, Caregiver’s Comfort, helps to calm, support, and uplift you throughout your caregiving journey—both during and after the loss of a loved one. While caregivers are not always good at caring for themselves, Caregiver’s Comfort lessens the effort in restoring you to your true and healthy self.
    • Calm
    • Support
    • Uplift
  • Faith Finder Blend

    It is not unusual to get mad at God or lose faith during difficult times. To help you reconnect, explore and rediscover your connection with Source, Faith Finder allows you to ease into a new and more expansive meaning of why things happen in the grand scheme of life. Faith Finder was designed specifically to assist in soothing your soul while facilitating the development of a more satisfying relationship with yourself and Source—whatever that might mean to you.
    • Seek
    • Discover
    • Restore
  • Trauma Calm

    Trauma Calm was created to assist in calming strong reactions to events that remind you of past trauma. Our human condition can cause many roadblocks to everyday life, but trauma doesn’t have to hold you back from becoming the person you want to be.
    • CALM
    • SOOTHE
  • Binge Breaker

    Emotional eating is likely the most common coping mechanism used to deal with stress. Whether eating for comfort, sadness, anxiety, or any other challenge of the human condition, Binge Breaker will help you refocus your thoughts, realign your priorities, and comfort you as you stop to make healthier choices in your overall self-care.
    • ALIGN
  • The “winter blues” affect millions of people every year. I’ve created this boosting blend to help you navigate seasonal sadness by lifting your spirits, brightening your mood, and soothing your soul.
    • LIFT
    • SOOTHE
    Let Blues Buster boost your mood so you can bring sunshine back into the season.
  • Mind Massage Blend

    Have an overactive or overworked brain? Mind Massage helps to work out the mental knots, while quieting and calming the busy nature of the “monkey mind”.
    • QUITE
    • CALM
  • Soulfully Sanitized

    Soulfully Sanitized is an all-natural germ fighter designed to assist in protecting against the invasion of various unwanted wee-beasties. This spray can be used as either a hand sanitizer or as a room and surface spray since it is made with 100% pure aloe juice and FDA approved 80% alcohol.
    • PURIFY
  • Do your neck and shoulders need a mid-day massage? Are headaches a common issue? Years ago, I discovered the magic of a few key oils that help to reduce muscle tension and pain with only a few small drops. The Muscle Magic blend knocks out tension before it knocks you out of your daytime routine, allowing you to go on with your life regardless of the stress and tension that comes with the human condition. This oil can be applied directly to your neck and shoulders—or any other tension-based muscle so it can do its magic in releasing unwanted stress. This blend will cool your muscles, help you release tension, and get you back to a more relaxed you.
    • COOL
    • RELAX
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